Who is the one character you always choose in KOF?


Genam's Azami Sharpener
Shingo. He's such a well done character. His critical hits are very satisfying, and playing against Kyo is fun. Underrated character.


Morden's Lackey
I go through phases. I always picked Terry, Andy and Joe. For a while it was Daimon, Joe and Yuri. Now I'm going for Shermie, Mai and Ryo.


Vanessa's Drinking Buddy,
Mai Shiranui. "Nippon Ichi!" Really though, I play a little bit of everybody, for variety's sake, but, the first time I play a new KOF, or if I haven't played a particular game in months/years, I always go with Mai as my first pick.


Mr. Big's Thug
Iori, untill the games he lost his flames. I usually play the Orochi saga (more KOF97 than the others) and I think he's perfect due to my hability, because he can defend his position easily. And for attacking, he's pretty good too!