White Blood in Guilty Gear X 1.5 for Atomiswave?


Pari-Dakar Rally Driver
Jul 15, 2003
I got my Guilty Gear X 1.5 and Atomiswave a few days ago and I noticed that the blood was white on the default settings. I went into the test menu to see if there was an option to turn it red. There was no option for this. Then I tried flipping the territory settings to Japan for system and game thinking it might be a country setting that determines the display. No luck there either. So my question is for others that own this, are you having the same problem? Is there no way to have red blood in Guilty Gear X 1.5? If that is the case that seems really stupid. Not that it is that big a deal but the whole white blood thing is just stupid. It would be better if they just removed the blood sprites altogether rather than re-color them. I really hope this is not a trend. Do any other Atomiswave games feature red or white blood? Hopefully SNK/P will have it as an option to be turned on and off in their games when they release games on here.