Which is the best Fatal Fury w/ Mai?


Kula's Candy
Okay I like Mai. Okay, I *REALLY* like Mai. But other than that, which is the best Fatal Fury game ever made that has Mai in it? (including Saturn conversions utiliziing MB pack)

I have KOF99 but I'd prefer to play the original Fatal Furys



Kula's Candy
Also, I suppose a follow up question might be: On the Fatal Fury games, is Mai animated the best on there? I've tried Capcom Vs. SNK recently and I don't like what they've done to her
Mai was deemed too powerful in KOF series, that's why in KOF 99, SNK removed Mai's dragon kick move. I think She was powerful in Real Bout as well.

As for best animated-maybe KOF series.

Neo Bomber Man

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Best game starring Mai in my opinion is Real Bout Fatal Fury. It's where the years long story between Geese & Terry finally comes to a head.

Mai, in my opinion, was best animated in the King of Fighters games, also since she continues to sport that same, revealing costume.


Neo Bubble Buster
Im would have to say she is pretty much the same throughout KOF 96 and up,I think that she looks the best in KOF 98.

well she was picked as game babe of the year in 95 for king of fighters. but that is only because she shamelessly flaunted herself by refusing to wear a sports bra and flashing her new g-string underwear when she kicked people. this type of tuadreness should not be tolerated

I don't know has anyone seen her in kof 2000 yet. Of course there is the 3d FFWA version but a little to blocky for most.