Which games SHOULD'VE been made?

Lou Gojira

Enemy Chaser
Here's something I've been thinking about. If there were any games you would've liked to seen on the Neo Geo, which ones would they be?

For example, I would've loved to see Treasure develop games for the Neo Geo, particularly Gunstar Heroes, or a close facsimile thereof.

I also think Air Zonk, or a similar cartoonish shooter would've been nice.

Finally, as great as real pinball games are, (Dracula RULES!) I would've really liked to see SNK do a video pinball game. Something very close, and improving on Devil's Crush.

So, if you guys got a wish list, what does it consist of?



Baseball Star Hitter
Lou, now your talking. An update to Alien Crush or Devil's Crush would be perfect. Ive spent many moons playing those. I really would have loved to see a Neo version of Neo Nectaris or Vasteel. Throw in Golden Axe II and Streets of Rage 2 & I'd be set to go.


B. Jenet's Firstmate
I might get bashed for this but I think Mega Man or a Castlevania game would have kicked ass. Imagine putting in an oversize big as hell Neo Cart of Castlevania or Megaman in your Neo Geo System. Also a Streets of Rage type game with Fatal Fury characters would be cool.


Cheng's Errand Boy
My dream Neo game is a side scrolling beat-em-up based on Jubei's Ninja Chronicles (Ninja Scroll in U.S.). You pick between Jubei, Kagero, and Dakuan and you a friend go on a dice fest (with blood and bloody parts flying). You fight a variety of enemies and at the end of each level you fight one of the Kimon Eight. The Neo Geo NEEDS a good beat-em-up bad and maybe this would knock-off Streets of Rage 2 as the greatest of all time.
That's right Gambit! A Castlevania game would have been super! Think of a Castlevania game with 500 megs or so. How beautiful it would have been!

I allso would liked to have the arcade classic "Snow Bros" for Neo, if anybody knows that game.


the Rev

Hell ya, these are are great ideas! Let's also add Lord's of Thunder, Ranger X, a new Shinobi, Splatterhouse (no white or green blood), Vectorman and Dragonball Z to the list as well.

-the Rev


Baseball Star Hitter
I got two games that I would have loved to see on the Neo. 1. A new Castlevania game in the mold of Castlevania X on the Snes or Turbo Duo with RPG elements like Symphony of the Night has on the PSX/import Saturn.
2. That King of Blades that was rolling around on the rumor mill floor about a year ago that was supposed to be like Sam Sho vs. Last Blade. This one would become an instant $400 plus game after release just like MotW.


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All these suggestions are great. As for the Alien Crush/Devil's Crush suggestion (which is excellent), anyone who liked those games should try Dragon's Fury and Dragon's Revenge . . . both also pinball games for the Genesis, which in my opinion blew away AC and DC for the turbo. They have great music, better graphics, fantastic gameplay, and the exact same style and themes as the AC and DC games. If you can find them (they auction on eBay fairly often), PICK THEM UP!!! And even better, they both play GREAT on the Sega Nomad!!

Neo Bomber Man

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Well, I would have been happy if Neo Bomber Man had made it to home cart, and had taken advantage of the link cable for up to four players in vs. mode. That would have been worth $260!

Otherwise I would have bankrupted myself over new versions of Shinobi & Ninja Gaiden (based off NG2), an new Life Force (w/double the levels), a pinball game as its been mentioned or another big multiplayer link-up game like the arcade TMNT, Spider Man or Wrestlefest with AoF/KoF characters! Mario, Sonic or an RPG/adventure game starring Rugal would have topped off that cake perfectly, but my how one can dream...

Master Terry Bogard

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I would also like a Castlevania title, esp if they make it like Dracula X (pc engine ver.) or SOTN.

As for the pinball titles, aren't Azusa (or what ever) specialize in the Pachinko and arcade pinballs? So we may get a pinball games like Devil's Crush. I don't think it will be a video arcade game though. Those Turbo grafix 16 pinball games were fairly good in my opinion.


Galford's Armourer
I would have loved some sort of rpg. In the times of the U.S. Final Fantasy III when that was a whole 32megs, imagine a neo rpg with around 400 megs. that would have been sweet.