WG D9200 Wierd happenings, diagnosis?


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Hey guys,

So I initially installed the CPS2 multi I had into my blast to test it/get it working, and the monitor was acting really funny. Having horizontal line glitches periodically throughout playing the games. Also there sometime with be what sound like a big loud electronic click and the monitor shuts off for a second (thats only happened twice though, but U got it on video). At first I thought it was something to do with the A board I was using because It did the same thing with another cps2 game on the same a board. However, I plugged the cps2 multi setup into my dynamo cab and it works like a charm so I now know its %100 percent a monitor issue. I can also hear what sounds like faint , not necessarily "clicking" per se and not necessarily "pops" but a nonstop series of a very faint something between those two sound wise. I know thats a terrible description, I apologize.

So Im thinking that perhaps the time has come for my monitor's chassis? (I hope the tube is okay... I REALLY do not want to play operation with another 29" tube again. To my knowledge, it's a WG d9200 with a Thomson tube. Might any of you have seen these symptoms before?

Thank you guys so much!


here is a vid of some of the symptoms



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All I can say with my experiences regarding D9200 monitors. The Video Sync Decoder boards they used are junk and highly known to go bad. The clicking issue could be a sync issue with the sync board as that monitor is a tri-sync (15/24/31KHz).

Hard to tell from a video though and I'm mostly going by your sound description. I'd reseat all the connectors on the Input and decoder board as a start.
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God I hate D9200 monitors...whenever they are in 15 khz mode, they sound like they are going to explode haha.