Wells Gardner K7000 red issue...


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Hi all,

So I've got a monitor that won't do anything with its red other than run it full-blast on the screen. Playing with the two mini-pots on the neck board for that color have zero effect. I still have more things I can look at on the chassis boards, but the one question I'm wanting to ask here is: Could this be a tube problem? I don't work on a lot of CRTs any more, but from what I remember, problem tubes will *not* make a certain color, but I don't remember them doing this sort of thing I'm seeing with this unit.

Always glad this forum is still alive!!! I should make a point of checking in here more often...

- Justin -


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If you're careful, you can ground the color pins on the neckboard to confirm if it's a tube issue. Grounding each color should make the entire screen that solid color, so if a color doesn't appear then the guns are shot. Like you said though, I've only ever had monitors not display colors instead of only displaying a particular color, grounding the pins is a quick way to circumvent the chassis though

Look up the process before attempting what I described though, obviously lol