Wei-ya chassis on aliexpress?


Benimaru's Hairdresser
Anyone know what chassis this is? The descriptions are simply the fact that it works for 25-29" monitors. I'm looking for a possible back up for a sick MS9-29S chassis.

Kid Panda

The Chinese Kid
I'm thinking the main issue with these would be the colors wouldn't be as bright, but man. For a quick fix chassis, that's a helluva price.


Giga Shock!!
Does anyone know the yoke values for the model i posted?

If not i will contact the seller, i have 2 tubes, hope i can use it in one of them.


Giga Shock!!
I just spoke with the seller on chat (well, kind of,lol) and he just states it's universal...

Guess i will have to fry one with my Naomi tube to prove him wrong,lol