Video Game Depot may pull an NCS!!


Armored Scrum Object
I was checking out Video Game Depot's news page today and they claim to have been offered a ton of new Japanese carts from a supplier in Hong Kong. Some of the preliminary prices that they list are actually better than NCS. Some examples they give are KOF '98, KOF '99 and Shock Troopers 2 for "well under $200". Also they list Nam '1975, Cyperlip and King of the Monsters for $35. However, they say they are not sure if they want to bring over all the carts. I think we should email them and let them know that there definately would be a market for them if they did. Here's the link:

Video Game Depot is a great place to get games and I've always had good dealings with them. It would be fantastic for two reputable places like NCS and Video Game Depot to have huge selections of brand new cartridges for sale.