Universal AV Android app: Remotely control Extron Crosspoint


Edo Express Delivery Guy
Mar 25, 2017
Around 2013 to 2014 there was an Android App called "Universal AV" which could remotely control your Extron Crosspoint Ultra from your touchscreen Android Tablet. It was made by a company called "Universal Applications". In February 2014 he pulled it from the Google Play Store.

Did anybody ever use this App? Does anybody know where/how I could get an APK of it to try out on my Android tablet? There's a couple APK's available for download online but they seem to all be spyware/virus-like apps from unreputable websites (and either my ancient Nexus 7 tablet decided to die at that exact moment, or I'm pretty sure one possibly bricked my crappy Nexus 7 tablet I booted up for the first time in 3 years to try out...formatted it and it's working again, but weird ;)

Facebook page:

Good description of App and screenshots:

OR, are there any other Apps like this I could try? I would absolutely love to incorporate a touchscreen tablet running on my WiFi network and be able to 1-touch control my Crosspoint Ultra from a graphical UI on the screen (instead of having to physically move over to where my Crosspoint is, hit "preset", then the preset number, then "enter"... which is so much work ;). Basically I would like a new toy to fiddle with and I love the idea of combining old CRT TV tech with something modern like a touchscreen UI for my retro video game setup. Since the Crosspoint Ultras use a programming language of sorts I could even program a script to run through a bunch of different systems in sequence which would be a cool display to turn on when I have people over.