This should lower last-minute bidding


Mr. Big's Thug
You can only use it if nobody has bid yet, though.
I do like it, but I wish there was a symbol on the listings that symbolized a "buy it now" auction. The only way to see it is if you look at the actual auction page.

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Neo Bomber Man

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I didn't quite notice that but even as it is, it's an okay feature. For the people that scour eBay everyday that is. Conversely, we could all stop using eBay & go over to Yahoo! Auctions, thus solving the problem once and for all.


Another Striker
I love the buyout feature! I sold a couple of my auctions that way already. But as of right now it's only during the holiday season.


Benimaru's Hairdresser
Its cool for now, since its free. But afterwards, since it goes away if someone bids instead of buys, it would suck depending on how much they charge for using that feature.

Caris Nautilus

I looked at it on ebays page and it seems good and bad, ebay is just a mess, They could fix so much...
That does indeed seem like a good thing, and might even eliminate some of the sniping that goes on ebay, although I really doubt it will do much in that regard.