These itens for sale is > bootleg ???


Super Spy Agent
Just beware of Yaton's goods that are labled 100% working only. If I remember correctly he has another Ebay account where he sells his authentic goods.


Edo Express Delivery Guy
Thx Murray...all cleared i'm living in miles and miles of distance of if i bought some "100%working" and got a problem is the same think i say loose money.....well i will prefer the "original" !!!!!!


Zero Satori

Giga Shock!!
I'm looking right now at those "8-in-1" carts and damned if they aren't most obviously unofficial. Tempting, though...but well...hah hah. Who the hell made these multi-carts?


Giga Shock!!
I just recently bid on one of those 8-in-1s just to see what they're all about ... but some fool bid it up to $72 AUD. There's no way I'm paying more than about $25 US shipped for one of those.