The stinker of a good series...


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You know what I'm talking about... that one game in a good series of games that just made wonder... WHY? I was wondering what everyone would put on their list. Me personally, I'd have to put:

Samurai Showdown 3 - What happened here? They went from the royal goodness of SS1 and 2 into THIS?! Argh. Bad memories.

KoF97 - 94,95 & 96 built me up to expect an awesome 97. I think the thing that most turned me off about this game was the music. All the KoF's until this one had great music, this one bombed in that department.


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Here's my list of letdown Neo-Geo sequels that should've been better or never been at all.

Shock Troopers 2: not a bad title on its own, but failed to live up to its predecessor.

King of The Monsters 2: KotM 2 tried to take the series in a different direction, but failed miserably.

Samurai Shodown 3: This one disappointed a lot of people. I didn't dig the game play changes.

Metal Slug X: Yet another game that isn't bad in its own right, but didn't differentiate enough from its predecessor to justify spending another $250. I expected at least one new level from this title, and didn't receive it. MSX is a great game for those who've never played Metal Slug 2, but irked those who played MS2 extensively. Thankfully, all my issues regarding MSX were addressed IN FULL with the release of the godly Metal Slug 3!

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Here be me list:

Samurai Spirits 2 & 3- SS2 killed the unmatched Japanese feel of the first, which screamed originality, innovation, class and above all greatnes, while SS3 just took the series to Hell.

King of the Monsters 2- It was fun, okay, but nothing like the mad wrestling action of the first. Otherwise largely what DolphinLord stated.

Aero Fighters 3- Was shit compared to AF & AF2. It had 10 pilots, but a limit on bombs and short, shitty levels. The very first time I played it, I was sick of the game by the end of the first mission, wanting to forget I actaully put my quarter into that MVS.

KoF '97 & '99- I've posted a lot of good things about '97, but my complaint is about the horrid stage music (not the individual themes), and how they went to non-personalized backgrounds. In '99 it was the 4-man teams, for which I have a longer explanation, and the striker system. It aimed for innovation, but unfortunately missed the mark.

That's all I can think of for now, based on what series I've managed to play enough of in their entirities.


today forever
its gotta be magical drop 3,innit?


takin the piss,they're both shite

samurai shodown 2 is TOPS !!

its the best off that saga,
hands off ss 2!!

and kof 97 !
it aint crap !
we saw SHERMIE for the first time !
and the story ??
how majestic !!!

too true,tho...
the music was fuckin awful,
if only cos most of the time there was
fuck all coming out of em speakers

noises and moans and shit but no music

for the right mood,eh?
so we all can concentrate on the fight,eh??


and some of the WORST bgs EVER

the honk kong stage
ahhh i dont wanna go there...

wouldnt say the game's shit tho

me thinks i'll have to say
and 'a know absolutely fuckin no one
will agree with me,

so far

the most disappointing one...

got to be MOTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

apart from the very very very good animations
and all..
the game's so dull
so basic

boring as fuck

very few fighters


i know i'm gonna be crucified
knowing that if one's gonna buy,
or one's bought it for 500 $ already,
that said person will never openly
say " sucks"

but thats it

its no fun !!

motw is no fun !!

and mind you...

i bought the NG back in 1991 WITH Fatal Fury,
i own them all
and i think it still is...
or could be the best of them series...

if they wanted...

if people wanted...

so come on people,
we're makin it now ??


( the "tomorrow i'm gonna see Ashcroft and
i'm buzzin and all" dpt )


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You people all hate SS3??? Why??? This game is tha SHIT. I meen don't get me wrong, SS1&2 are the best but SS3 the just as good if not better. I also like SS4, but I would rather play 3.

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Metal Slug 2 was a rush job but is still a very good game. However it is the worst in the MS series in my opinion. Most series on the Neo Geo really dont have bad games cause the companies realized that when you release a Fight Fever or Legend of S. Joe people wont buy the sequel.


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Dolphin I can't believe you don't like Shock Troopers 2. That game is really fun to play. I like it almost as much as Metal Slug.
Lump505> I agree with you on the Slug 2 beeing a rush job. That's why they had to remake the game and Metal Slug X was born.
Slug X should be Slug 2.



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Gotta ask why everyone hates SS3 so much? I know the damage levels are too high and the AI is cheap as hell, but from a 2 player aspect I like that one the most. I hate SS4's rage gauge options and the DMs are a pain to pull off in actual combat conditions. Graphically 3 and 4 are pretty similar and while you lose a few of the original cast from 2-3 that return in 4 the characters are still good. Maybe I am a rarity in my love for SS3, but I don't know why 4 is held in such high regard when 3 is scowled at. I own both and played each of them a bit in the arcades and while 4 was my preferred title in the series a few years back I have found 3 presents more challenge in a vs. game and have gained all new respect for it in the last year or so.
My vote for worst game in a series has to go to Metal Slug 2. If it weren't for MSX it wouldn't be so bad, but when they release 2 for $250, fix it and add a remix element and then resell it for another $250 I think that is just cheesey. MSX should have been MS2 and they should have left it at that. Honorable mention for stinker of the series goes to Aerofighters 3. I agree with Neo Bomber Man on this one.


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I'm with Asmoday, SS3 is tha SHIT! Anyone who doesn't think the same should be shot!j\k
Interface more than that of SS4, and while I do think 4 is a really good game I play 3 much more.....

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Well, I am glad someone likes SS3; I was wanting to get the cart myself; I vivdly remember how awsome it was in the arcade; of course, many neo games are that way. SS2 was definitely a solid game though, another definite must-have for any SS fan. I wish SS4 had kept some of the character's from earlier games, but nonetheless, a solid title. Hey BryLmoo, I live work in Charlotte, hope to live there in the next year or so; hope you like it as well.


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[quit]Dolphin I can't believe you don't like Shock Troopers 2. That game is really fun to play. I like it almost as much as Metal Slug.[/quit]

ST2 isn't a BAD game, but it's a definite step down from the original Shock Troopers. Play the original and you'll see what I mean.