The Making of a Neo Joystick

Well after reading about People talking about the neo sticks and the options out there, I decided to work On a little project myself.

Background. About 5 months ago I bought a 3rd party Neo stick on a yahoo auction. The stick was real loose and cheap and the buttons were Awful, Needless to say I never used it much at all. It has been setting in a closet since a got it. I think a paid $25 for it.

well as everyone may or maynot know, I also have a hobby of buying arcade cabs. Recently I bought some New joysticks for my cabs and I had some extra buttons and switchs laying around.

okay so What I did was pretty much gut out the Cheap neo joystick I bought and replaced everything in it with arcade Parts. I had to modify the joystick mounting on the inside and the arcade stick is about 1/4" to big so I had to cut a hole in the bottom of the Joystick mounting. I'm going to cover it up with a small plastic Box. as I said it was a light protrusion. I also had to cut a extra hole in the top for a button configuration and I will be buying some button hole covers from the arcade part shop on friday to fill up empty holes. Well with all that said here it is.


The box above is what it looked like before I moded it. The extra button in the top right corner is a Reset. So I can actually reset the unit from the joystick. I thought it was a neat little feature. You can see it is about the same size as the Neo arcade stick. Here is a close up


after using it yesterday and today I can say it is by far my favorite Neo stick Now. the arcade parts really made a difference and since the part were all new pulling of specials has never been easier for me. I have seen the Newer arcade sticks out there ( for the dream cast and what not) and I do not see it being a problem modifing one of those to work on a Neo also. Just buy a pc extender cable, cut the male end off and seperate the wires. Find out which one is the ground then you can just touch the wires to see what they do (for those that do not know hitting ABCD on joystick 2 when you reset or turn on the Neo will bring up the joystick test screen) Now I will say that I will not be responsible if you fry your joystick port, so try it at your on risk
Oh well thought I would share.

Oh, if the links are not working try going directly. Those MSN homepages are basically Junk for hosting images. I really should upload it to my real site but I'm lazy

you will probably have to copy the shortcut (rick-click->copy shortcut) and paste in your browser. One of these days I will look into how they can check for how you are linking to the images. Guess I should just make HTML Docs with the image links. But As I said I am lazy.

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