Telltale Games' 5th Birthday! Games for $5


Somewhere in Europe.,
Jul 5, 2005
Telltale Games will soon celebrate its fifth birthday and they thought it would be cool to sell their games at a discount price for a limited period of time. If you want to get some of their episodes to see what Telltale is all about, use the following code and you'll pay $5 for each.


Regular price is $8.95 per episode, and this I think applies to all of Telltale titles. This offer was sent to those who bought stuff at Telltale website in the past, but if you bought a standard retail edition of, let's say Sam & Max, you obviously won't recieve a code. I decided to post it in case someone wants to try out some of Telltale's games. It's actually cheaper to get whole seasons at $5 a pop than to buy whole season packages.

The code can be used over and over again, so anyone can get a discount. You can get yourself some Sam & Max, Bone or Strong Bad. The prices in the store will be unchanged, but once you add some stuff to your cart and go to checkout, you'll see that it's only $5 a pop.

You can also start shopping using the discout coupon by clicking here. The coupon code is valid until the promotion ends on June 17. Happy birthday Telltale Games!