Tahiti F3 sound


So I fired up my F3 multi to play some Bubble Symphony with my daughter. The game fire up screaming loud so I go into the test menu and turn the volume all the way down but it’s still loud. I don’t think there is a volume pot on the mono...any ideas?

PS...auto correct got my title and I don’t know how to change it...


Jaguar Ninja
No vol pot on the mobo is correct. The pots that look like volume pots aren't and they usually have a sticker over them.

Is your jamma harness straight to the speaker? Or are you using something like a blast city that attenuates and re-amplifies the audio?

Test mode is the only way I know to change F3 volume, barring the blast city style amp.


Yes, harness to speakers...
This is the only board it does it with. For what it’s worth, the cab is an old Z back Street Fighter 2T...
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