Super SD System 3 Shipment Status, support emails and other emails


Neosd Developer
Oct 18, 2016
Hello everyone,

Today we have started shipping Super SD System 3 again.

We have worked the entire weekend to ship as many units as possible.

The result is that today we have shipped 48 packets.
i wish we would be able to ship that amount everyday so i would get all this out of my mind, cause its really killing me.

I will try to explain the situation :

We got boards for every single pending order + replacement boards and some extra ones.

The process to ship a super SD System 3 is the following :

1 - Remove pcbs forom the panel.
2 - Plug the boards on a pcengine, program firmware, print serial numbrers, import serial numbers to our database.
3 - Try World heroes 2 (wait until the first fight start and give it 10 secconds)
4 - mount the pcb in the shell
5 - mount and glue the box (composed by two pieces)
6 - put manual inside
7 - pack it
8 - print shipping labels
9 - ship it.

Ok, so get that and multiply it by hundreds of pending orders.

Why i am saying that ?
Cause for the next 2-3 weeks and until we are up to date to orders, i am affraid that we don´t have time or energy to answer emails.

I know this sounds rude, but answering an email takes 5 minutes and we got about 20 per day.

We don´t have that time right now, cause there are other important things stopped cause the lack of time Super SD System 3 issue has taken, such as NEOSD AES production (we are out of stock but we have part to lauch a batach, the issue is we lack of time right now to cordiante the production)

Most of the emails ask for the position on the shipping queue and other kind of things we can´t really do, such as change your shipping address to a different country.

Some are rude, others are educated.

Some came on saturday and sunday, others arrive among the week.

So, to survive to this shipping madness, and protect my mental health, i have decided to NOT OPEN the email account until every super sd system 3 is shipped.

Sorry about that, but i can´t see other way to protect my health.