Super SD System 3 Availability 2020


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Looking into purchasing a Super SD System 3 for my newly acquired SuperGrafx. A quick browse of the 'net seems to indicate that they are currently out of stock. Do we have any idea when a new batch of them might become available?

One other question with regard to outfitting a SuperGrafx with the SSDS3. Someone posted this as a comment on a YT video and wanted to see if anyone can corroborate or lend further advice:

"Make sure you open up the console to check and shave down the supporting peg that might crack the traces to the cpu."

Thanks all.


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Last time they were available was Black Friday AFAIK. That’s when I got mine anyway. I’m using mine with a Supergrafx and it’s great. As long as you don’t treat your stuff like a caveman you should be fine with leaving that peg alone.


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We have more in production, but Covid-19 has really delayed everything. We should have them available in the next few weeks.

As far as shaving down the post in a SuperGrafx, that's a general recommendation and not one specific to the SSDS3.

It's a design flaw in one of the support posts in the SGX where it can press and flex the SGX board cracking it. It's a good idea to look into fixing this NEC design flaw.