Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition board problem


Benimaru's Hairdresser
I just powered up my SF2 AE board and all I get is a white screen. I just had a battery mod on it last year and ran fine last time I had it in the cab a few months ago. Is my board toast or is it salvageable?


CPS2 Person.,
It is phoenixed, I phoenixed it for him. Basically what he is describing is the board has worked fine since may of 2013 but now he gets a white screen.

What has changed between then and now. First open the board and reseat the simm to see if it came loose.

In rare cases with phoenixed cps2 boards the board will not boot due to residual elements from when the board was still battery powered. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT try to short it out on a all in one like you would do with a standard B board, bad things could happen if you attempt this with a all in one.

Reseat the simm first then get back with me. BTW pm me a pick of the simm as I forgot which version was on your board.