Sony PVM no longer powering up after adjusting settings

I was adjusting the H frequency and and other settings and the monitor just fizzled out and no longer turns on. No power, no picture, nothing. I feel as though I may have stressed the monitor too much. The model is PVM-20M2DU. It their any one here that maybe able to tell me what happened and can it be fixed? I am thinking that perhaps the settings need to be reset but it wont power on anymore.

Thanks in advance


Gandalf Of Gibberish,
some of them have a reset button?
sorry thats all I got.

edit:don't they? google turns up nothing. maybe unplugging it would do it...I mean whatever settings weren't saved? someone else will have to do better:)
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Mr. Big's Thug
I'm pretty sure there's no factory reset on these for the hidden menu so it needs to be done manually. None of this helps though if it won't even power up. Did it slowly shut down or was it instantly? I think there's a chance though that you may have blown a fuse. Maybe from the result of the settings being adjusted too far. I'm not an expert though and don't claim to be so take this for what you will.