Some NGPC games for sale or trade


Mr. Big's Thug
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Nov 5, 2003
Hey, this is the first time I've tried selling anything on here but i can provide my ebay profile if ya want (almost at 100 positives with 100% feedback)

anyways, i jumped on the NGPC deal they had over here getting 10 games and the system for 120 bones. I love 6 of em, but 4 of them i really don't play that often. The games are

Fatal Fury first contact
Puzzle Bobble mini
Neo Turf Masters

All are just bare carts with the plastic holders.

I know these aint worth much, but name a price OR name something you would like to trade. I'm up for anything neo related (posters, books, etc.) or anything even game related for ps1, DC, or PS2.

Things im REALLY looking for though are a USB converter to let me use my PS2 or DC pad on my pc, and I'm also looking for the Last Blade 2 ARRANGE soundtrack.

Hit me up with offers