Solved: Recap an X'Eye? Weird Intermittent Issues. Any Help?


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Oct 10, 2000
Solved - I sold for parts and got a beautifully reconditioned/recapped Sega CD Model 1 and Genesis 2 with Triple Bypass and recap instead. 😁

Hey handy peeps - got an issue with an X'Eye I purchased.

The console worked great for a few days after I got it, then it began working intermittently. I've read of others with the same issue I have, and various things have fixed it or nothing has fixed it at all.

Console will always power on, and the Sega TMSS screen will usually display when playing a cart but the cart wont boot or there are sound issues sometimes when it does. Sometimes it works fine. When the console powers on without a cart AND the bios screen comes up, CD games will usually work just fine. The bios hardly ever comes up, though. Oddly enough, I can get my Mega Everdrive 5X to boot to the menu, but then it won't go to a game once loaded. The console will sometimes display a single color screen - black, white, or purple. The video and audio always sync no matter if the console is able to fully boot or not.

Thought it could be a wonky Multi-AV out (what I use for RGB), as I've heard the solder joints can crack. So, I reflowed the solder on the joints. I tested it and got everything to work for a bit then the same issues came up. I tested out the composite out just to see if I may have messed something up on the multi-av, but the issues still persisted via the dedicated composite out.

I'm using the correct power supply, and it's brand new from Retrogamecave, so I don't suspect that's the issue. I tried with a Genny 2 PSU just to test the cart side to rule out power supply issues - same issues persisted. I also can't see any broken traces, signs of corrosion, or bad caps on either PCB. I know caps can just dry up over time, so not seeing any corrosion doesn't necessarily mean it's not a cap issue. Voltage Regulator also correctly converts to 5v, which is another issues I've read about. There is no trouble with the CD door or sensor on the PCB.

I ordered a cap kit from Console 5 which should be here soon. Is there anyone that has experience with X'Eyes on here that knows what the issue is, or would any handy peeps be willing to recap my console? Happy to pay. :) A full recap is above my skill level. As the console is already not working, I'm willing to trying anything at this point before moving on and getting a bypass modded Genesis and Sega CD combo. I really like the unit, the RGB out is amazingly crisp, and the sound is incredible, so I'm hoping to get it working.
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