SOLD: MS3 MVS loose cart

Comrade Porn King Mikhail

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Oct 11, 2000
SOLD FOR $60 to be a good sport

Picked this up in my eternal quest to dump my kits and it remains a spare that must now be parted with.

Clean US MS3 MVS cart, original US label with serials intact. A couple of small bubbles on the label, but no crease, heavy lifting, or other serious flaws. The cart casing has scratches/scuffs as one would expect from a used cart. Boards inside look authentic from front and back, but I couldn't open the cart to verify as the casing was superglued on the bottom along the edges where the two halves open. I can only assume that this was done to prevent people from switching out fake boards, because the boards present inside have the correct NGH number markings and have been verified against scans online.


Large pic -
Cart front -
Cart back -
Insertion marks -
Left side of label -
Right side of label -
Label bubbles -

Whatever the going rate is, $80 or let me know if it's less than that nowadays.

Thanks for looking at this thread!

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