SOLD: Metal Slug 3 arcade MVS poster

Comrade Porn King Mikhail

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Oct 11, 2000
Have kept this for a while as a spare, but figured it's time to put it out there for trade towards another poster that can go into my future arcade room.


SOLD: $250 clean, shipped in CONUS. Yes, it’s a lot, because the posters come up for sale once every six months or less and disappear immediately. No, you don’t have to pay this much, simply get a super clean reproduction for $32.50 from Vanilla Thunder here. I’ve seen the repros in person, and they look great! However, if you’re an anal-retentive collector of originals, or someone with an eye that can’t handle even minute reproduction artifacts, then you can wait several years and find one cheaper, or get a near-mint new and unused one right here.

I purchased it brand-new a number of years ago from an arcade op. Is it the US MVS arcade release version, sized 25x19".

Large front picture
Large back picture
Sample of how this will look framed
Small edge wear bottom left
Stress mark and minute surface scratches
Gloss scuff on edge
Top right edge wear
Small front stress markings


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