SMS (US and Canadian sealed)/Sega Dreamcast/Nintendo/Super NES/PC Engine/PSP/Randoms


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Jul 21, 2003
Here's a huge lot of my personal games I have up for sale. A nice selection to choose from. Now for my US Sega Master System sealed lot Im only looking to sell bulk packages of my SMS games only from the US versions to the Canadian versionsinstead of 1 or 2 at a time. Im looking to sell atleast 3 or more games at a time. The game are in various conditions from missing tabs, wrapping torn abit, tape, stickers and sunfade labels. I will be shipping a BONUS item(s) at my shipping expense to whoever buys the most from me in one sale. I might throw in random free items or I may not. Lets just see who's interested insome lots. If I dont get that major buyer then it will be up for sale. I ship world wide but shipping will be determined to only serious buyers as I dont have time to run to the post office everyday. Accepting Payments as follows: Paypal +3% fee (personal account only) or a Pink International money order only (pink/orange). No time payments! You know my feedback is awesome. I will ship once paid. No returns or refunds! Once a deal is done the deal is done. Any questions or anything you want to know just ask.Im working nights for abit and I have another 3 weeks to go so its already taking a toll on me. So bare with me on this. Thanks!

Astro Warrior (missing hang tab, sticker and sunfade on spin with cracks in the plastic) - $40 USD
Astro Warrior (missing hang tab, sticker and some missing torn plastic on the bottom) - $35 USD
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars - $60 USD
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (missing hang tab, sticker, sunfade on spin with cracks in the plastic, torn plastic on the bottom) - $50 USD
Alex Kidd: In Miracle World (torn plastic on the right side and bottom) - $80 USD
Aztec Adventure (sticker) - $30 USD
Aztec Adventure (sticker) - $30 USD
Aztec Adventure (missing hang tab and sticker) - $25 USD
Aztec Adventure (missing hang tab, sticker, a little torn plastic on the bottom) - $25 USD
Action Fighter (torn plastic on right side and bottom) - $25 USD
Blade Eagle 3-D (sticker on front and back and torn plastic on bottom) - $25 USD
Blade Eagle 3-D (missing tab, sticker and torn plastic on the bottom) - $20 USD
Blade Eagle 3-D (missing tab, some missing torn plastic on the top and sunfade on spin with cracks in the plastic) - $20 USD
After Burner - $20 USD
Black Belt - $40 uSD
Bomber Raid (sticker and tape) - $15 USD
Choplifter - $30 USD
Choplifter (sticker and tape) - $15 USD
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? - $30 USD
Califorina Games - $30 USD
Double Dragon - $50 USD
Double Dragon - $50 USD
Fantasy Zone - $40 USD
Fantasy Zone II (torn plastic on the side) - $40 USD
Fantasy Zone: The Maze - $30 USD
Global Defense (stickers and plastic torn all the way on the right side) - $15 USD
Great Ice Hockey - $25 USD
Ghouls'N Ghosts (torn plastic on the top right side) - $25 USD
Hang-On & Astro Warrior (torn plastic on the bottom right side) - $25 USD
Hang-On & Safari Hunt (sticker, and tape) - $15 USD
Kenseiden (sticker, front top right plastic missing and cuts on insert) - $30 USD
Lord of the Sword - $40 USD
Montezuma's Revenge featuring Panama Joe (sticker and torn plastic on bottom) - $50 USD
Montezuma's Revenge featuring Panama Joe (missing tab, sticker and torn plastic on right side and bottom) - $40 USD
Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting - $25 USD
Monopoly (torn plastic on bottom) - $20 USD
Miracle Warriors - $60 USD
Maze Hunter 3-D (missing tab, sticker and torn plastic on right side and bottom) - $25 USD
Out Run - (missing tab, sticker, tape, dirty, torn plastic on top and bottom) $20 USD
Pro Wrestling - $25 USD
Parlour Games - $25 USD
Parlour Games (missing tab, sticker, and torn plastic on the bottom) - $20 USD
Penguin Land (torn plastic on the right side) - $30 USD
Phycho Fox - $40 USD
Rastan - $25 USD
Rambo: First Blood Part II - $35 USD
Rambo: First Blood Part II (sticker and tape) - $20 USD
Rambo: First Blood Part II - (missing tab, dirty, torn plastic is falling off but still holding together) $15 USD
Rocky - $35 USD
Rescue Mission - $25 USD
R-Type - $30 USD
R.C. grand Prix - $25 USD
Strider - $20 USD
Shinobi - $30 USD
Shanghai (sticker and water damaged insert) - $20 USD
Space Harrier 3-D (torn plastic on bottom) - $30 USD
Space Harrier 3-D (sticker and torn plastic on the right side) - $25 USD
Sports Pad Football - $25 USD
Thunder Blade (missing tab, sticker and plastic torn on the bottom) - $30 USD
Walter Payton Football (torn plastic on the bottom) - $25 USD
Wonder Boy - $125 USD
World Grand Prix (torn pastic on right side and bottom) - $25 USD
World Grand Prix (sticker and tape) - $15 USD
Ghost House (card) - $40 USD
Super Tennis (card) - $40 USD
Teddy Boy (card) - $40 USD
Transbot (card) - $40 USD





Here's my CDN Sega Master System sealed lot. I got this from a friend of mine as a oldschool gaming business was going out of business so I acquired as many as possible. The Canadian versions are sealed with the Sega sticker as you can see. There is no plastic wrap for these games. All the games are new but still some vary in condition from no hang tabs, sunfading, stickers, chips...etc. If you want a game with a hanging tab let me know...ill let you know if I have it or not available. If you dont say...
Ill just send you either with it or not. I dont want to go throw all of these like the US SMS games I own. The ones with flaws Ill mark off cheaper but just let me know what your interested in and ill let you know. Any questions please ask! Thanks!

Double Dragon (3 DDs are sunfaded so the games will be $5 cheaper) x22 - $40 USD Each
Shinobi (three missing hang tabs) x7 - $30 USD
Great Baseball (two is chipped at the top right corner) x7 - $25 USD Each
Great Basketball (missing hang tab) - $20 USD
Great Volleyball (missing hang tab) - $20 USD
Thunder Blade (three missing hang tabs) x5 - $25 USD Each
Shanghai (three missing hang tabs) x11 - $15 USD
Kung Fu Kid (missing hang tab) - $25 USD
Black Belt (missing hang tab) - $20 USD
Pro Wrestling (missing hang tab) - $20 USD
Missile Defense 3-D (one missing hang tab) x4 - $15 USD Each
Zaxxon 3-D (missing hang tab) - $15 USD
Kenseiden (1 case is broken but the game is still sealed but will be $5 cheaper) x3 - $30 USD Each
Fantasy Zone II (three missing hang tabs) x4 - $30 USD Each
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (missing hang tab, one spine is plastic is shredded) x2 - $40 USD Each
Global Defense (missing hang tab) - $10 USD
Rescue Mission (missing hang tab) - $20 USD
Space Harrier (two missing hang tabs) x2 - $35 USD Each





ICP Suxorz
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Jul 21, 2003
Here's a huge lot of my Sega Dreamcast system, brand new VMU and 13 games + 4 burnt games. The system works great and is in excellent condition.The conditions of the games vary from some broken cases and light scratches on CDs. They all have been testedand work great. I have some sealed DC games as well. Im selling this as a bundle. Shipping will determine once I go to the post office. This is what comes with the bundle:

Sega Dreamcast System bundle - SOLD
DC Controller
AV Cable
AC Plugin

DC Games:
Metropolis Street racer (CD)
Tony Hawk Deuce (CD)
Jet Set Radio (CD and case)
Sonic Adventure 2 (CD and case)
Power Stone - Rental Copy - (CD, manual cover, different inner insert and case)
Rippin' Riders (complete)
Evolution (complete)
Gauntlet Legends (complete)
Sega Sports NHL 2K (complete but has a cracked case)
Sega Sports Tennis 2K2 (complete)
Blue Stinger (complete)
ChuChu Rocket! (complete)
Phantasy Star Online: Version 2 (sealed)
Reel Fishing Wild (sealed)
Namcomuseum (sealed but has a cracked case)
Mortal Kombat GOLD (sealed)
Royal Rumble (sealed)
ILLBLEED (Not included)




20 Sealed NES/SNES Games

These 18 NES games are factory sealed with the H seam. Brand spankin New!!! They are presentable and definitely for collectors. My prices are firm currently. I would prefer if more then one game was bought as I don't know IF I have any small boxes. That's
my only problem. IF 5 or more games/controllers are bought I'll give FREE shipping to the US and Canada. The price is below plus shipping!!! The shipping price I'd find out at the post office but the only way Ill find out is if your going to buy the game(s).
I'm not going there to check. Everything in US Dollars. Payment methods are as follows...Paypal plus 3% fee or Pink International Money Orders. Thanks!

Cobra Command - $75
Heavy Barrel - $75
Knight Rider - has a little pealing wrap on the top left corner - $100
The Adventures of Bayou Billy - $75
Punch-Out - Canadian Edition - Traded
Ghostbusters II - $65
Roadblasters - $75
Freedom Force - $75
World Wrestling - $50
Platoon - $75
Operation Wolf - $65
Operation Wolf - $65
Dance Aerobics - $30
Gotcha - $65
Pin Bot - Canadian Edition - $55
Dr. Chaos -$65
Taboo The Sixth Sense - $65
Total Recall - has a major dent on the bottom right - $50





Also 2 SNES games sealed and 4 SNES controllers sealed.
Super Tennis - has a little pealing on the top left corner - $20
F-Zero - $20
SNES Controllers x4 - All 4 Traded


Super Nintendo Entertainment System that comes complete with all cables to play. The system works great. The set comes complete with two Controllers, AC adapter, RF switch, and 2 games (carts only - Super Mario World and Super Mario
Allstars). - SOLD

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP - Games work perfect
Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (cart only and former rental) - $10 USD
Final Round Golf 2002 (cart only and former rental) - $5 USD

Here I have the NES Power Glove (I Love the Power's soo bad) lol works great. It's a former rental and it comes with a plastic brief case style and it make it looks cool like the movie "The Wizard" at this scene. This could be YOU!!!

It comes with everything you see in the picture. Enjoy!!!

NES Power Glove - Former rental - $50 USD
NES carrying case (Not an offical just some random one from a video game company)
Power Glove (Medium)
Sensor Bar


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Jul 21, 2003
Here's a huge lot of my PC-Engine Duo-RX games. I will only sell this as a lot as I have no clue about some of these games. I dont know most of the games list so bare with me. The games have been tested when I had the DuoRX system. Some games are sealed! This is what comes in the lot:

PCE Games - Just so everyone knows all the games are complete but some are missing the spine cards.
8 Hu-cards
14 CD games
Double Dragon 2 is not included in this bundle as I dont have it anymore.

PC Engine DuoRX System is -Not Included- SOLD





Here's my PC-Engine game Akumajo Dracula X Chi no Rondo AKA CASTLEVANIA DRACULA X. The most amazing Castlevania game I have ever played. The game is in Near Mint condition and plays flawlessly. It has the Spine Card but it's in the manual and other card. It's not pictured as I forgot. - $150 USD


Here's a PSP lot I have up for sale. I couldnt get into this system so it's up for grabs. Id rather keep my Gameboy Advance SP and Sega Nomad. The games are all complete or sealed. Everything works perfect!

Playstation Portable System - near mint - $150 USD
Ac Adaptor
SONY PSP-S110 Battery Pack (sealed)
Hip Gear PSP Case
NBA Live 09
MLB 08 The Show
Fight Night: Round 3
PES 2009
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (sealed)
Pursuit Force (sealed)


Here's a variety of games I have up for sale. Just random games used and new. They work perfect. If they are not complete Im sure you can tell. Conditions vary but most are in good to near mint condition. PM me with any questions!

Sailor Moon - $60 USD

1080 (cart only) - $5 USD
NBA (cart only) - $3 USD
Paper Mario (sealed - stickers, back of the seal split abit) - $60 USD

Playstation 1
GH Final Fantasy Anothology (sealed, crack on front top) - $30 USD
GH Final Fantasy Chronicles (sealed, crack on back bottom) - $30 USD
Gran Turismo (crack on back bottom) - $5 USD

Dead or Alive Ultimate x2 (sealed) - $15 USD each
Unreal Championship - Traded
Unreal II: The Awakening - Traded

Sega 32X
Sega Sport Great Holes (sealed) - $5 USD

Sega Genesis
Toe Jam and Earl - $40 USD
Gunstar Heroes (no manual) - $30 USD

Sega CD
Mickey Mania (sealed) - Traded
Brutal: Paws of Fury (sealed) - $40 USD
Power Monger x3 (sealed) - $25 USD each

Nintendo Gamecube
The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker - $20 USD
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - $15 USD

Playstation 2
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - $10 USD

Xbox 360
Assassin's Creed Limited Edition (sealed - All 3 have one dent on one of the sides) x3 - $35 USD each - 1 SOLD



A brand new Mega Bloks Pro Builder Space Shuttle, Model number 9736. Checkout the pictures below of the actual item you will receive. Discontinued by Mega Bloks numerous years ago and would make a great addition to any Mega Bloks collection. The Bloks are in excellent condition. On the front of the box the plastic see through hole has been cut out. It does not effect or hasnt caused any damage to any Mega Bloks. - $170 USD + shipping

Licenced by NASA, this model, based on the Endeavor Space Shuttle features:

Electronic control module with authentic mission control and flight desk communication
Electronic Sound F/X
Working cargo bay doors
Canada-Arm Space arm and space lab module Crew Figures
Satellite and Payload pallet
New batteries will be included
Measures a huge 29 inches long with a wingspan of 19 inches once built
Below are actual pictures of the item you will receive


Bonus items to who spends the most and I will choose who gets this Sega Genesis system. It works but is missing the RF switch.
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ICP Suxorz
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Jul 21, 2003
Like new LG TU720 Pink Shine cell phone - $75 USD

You are looking at a Pink LG Shine TU720 cell phone. This is my gfs phone and her Phone was originally on Rogers Wireless but has since been unlocked and can be used with any GSM provider worldwide. Phone is like new and was only used for 1 year. Included are: 1 unlocked LG TU720 Pink Shine, home charger, USB cable, headphones, original CD software, 1 memory card adapter, 1 SD card, instruction manual and original box.

This stunning slider features a mirror screen with stainless steel finish and packed with everything you need to stand out in a crowd. The LG Shine is also available in pink and black another Rogers exclusive. Experience Rogers Vision with live Video Calling, streaming videos, music and Mobile TV. Other features include a 2.0 MP camera, integrated music player and more!

Video Calling capable
Mobile Internet browser
Instant access keys: Music, Multitask, Camera, Vision
Built-in handsfree speakerphone
Vibe Alert
Flight Mode
Picture Caller ID

Downloadable ringtones and Real trax™
Downloadable games
Downloadable graphics
Downloadable video
urMusic™ Player
Music Format: AAC, AAC+, AMR, Real, WMA
MP3 Player
Downloadable video clips through your mobile Internet browser

Calendar, Task list, Notes, Calculator, Tip Calculator, Converter, Alarm, World Time, Timer, Stopwatch
Games: Blockbreaker Deluxe, Midnight Pool, Millionaire, WPT Hold Em 2, Wheel of Fortune
Graphics: 6
Mobi TV
Video Streaming
Video Telephony
Video on Demand with YouTube® video streaming
Radio on Demand

Text messaging with predictive text input
Instant messaging through SMS
Picture Messaging /MMS - instantly take and send pictures with voice, sound and text to other phone numbers or e-mail addresses
Video Messaging
Send your video message to another Rogers Wireless phone or to any e-mail address
Save up to 100 videos and / or pictures on your personal My Pix online album

Technical Specs:

Resolution: 64K QVGA LCD
Size: 240 x 320 pixels

Internal: 70 MB
External: MicroSD 512 memory card included
Address book with up to 500 names

Integrated 2 mega pixel camera
Picture Quality: Normal, Fine, SuperFine
Pixel resolutions: 160 x 120, 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 1280 x 960, 1600 x 1200

Maximum length of recordable video: up to user memory
Video playback speed: 15 fps QCIF (frames per second)
Video playback software: MP4/H.263/H.264/Real Video

Bluetooth® v1.2 Stereo
USB Cable included

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Mar 30, 2010
yeah, a friend of mine have ever buy something from there, I just want to know that what games would my 5 year old enjoy? thanks


ICP Suxorz
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Jul 21, 2003
yeah, a friend of mine have ever buy something from there, I just want to know that what games would my 5 year old enjoy? thanks

Well what system were you looking for? For a 5 year old I have some Sega Master System games that are pretty fun for beginning. There is alot of kid type games in there in the start of my thread. There is so many you could choose like Alex Kidd, Aztec Adventure, Fantasy Zone, Outrun, Penguin Land, Wonder Boy to name a few. The Master System has alot of kiddie type games and thats what got me started. I started playing those as a kid. Any you have in mind? Then there is some of my NES games as well like Ghostbusters, Buyou Billy, Roadblasters and Pinbot. There is also my Super Nintendo package with Super Mario and Mario Allstars for $70 is good to. Let me know what you think? Thanks!


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Jul 21, 2003
I cant edit my thread but this is what's Traded or SOLD now:

TRADED my PSP Lot! Also Assassin's Creed another SOLD. 1 LEFT ! ! !


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Jan 24, 2011
I'm very interested in some of this games

I'm very interested in some of this games
are for sale?