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I am thinking of getting Shock Troopers 2 for my NEO home cart. I love the Metal Slug games so I figured this would appeal to me as well. What do you guys think? Is it a good game?


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ST2 is an average Neo-Geo shooter, but certainly not anywhere near as good as any title in the "Metal Slug" franchise. In fact, most people prefer the original Shock Troopers (MVS only) as opposed to its sequel. In short, ST2 isn't a bad game to have in your collection (especially for shooter fans), but you'll probably tire of it quickly. You might want to give the game in question a try on an emulator before you throw down any significant amount cash for it.


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Wan Fu, as Dave just said, Shock Troopers is much better than Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad.

If ANY game should have been made on AES, it is Shock Troopers. That is one of the first unreleased cartridges that NGF made available for all Neo fans.

I think Shawn has a picture of his Shock Troopers AES cartridge that he got from us at NGF.

It is one of the best games on the Neo.
Most people prefer it over all the Slug games - including all the NGF members.

Shock Troopers is great.



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Well, I own Shock 1 (MVS) Shock 2, MS1 (on CD only
), MS2, MSX, and MS3.

I'll have to agree with DolphinLord and Dion, Shock 2 isn't even CLOSE to the Metal Slug series. I was really disappointed in it, bought it only after SNK reduced the price to blow out its excess stock of the game. The backgrounds don't even come CLOSE to ANY of the Metal Slug games.

If I were you, I'd focus on the MS games, they're all better. If you're looking for MS1, just pick up an MVS version, a sac cart, and have someone convert it to home cart for you. It would be a LOT more worth it than Shock 2.
Yeah, I remember playing ST on MVS in the arcades and it was insane...but ST2 really isn't all that good. They changed the style of if to rendered super-deformed characters, and less of them...4 compared to like 7 I think in the original ST...If anything go for the first one.



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So, was Shock Troopers a try at bringing back the Ikari Warrior franchise of old? While I agree that ST2 is inferior to ST1, would have been really cool to have had Neo Ikari Warriors!



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I think Shock Troopers is one of the BEST games on the Neo, and surely one of the best action games. Better than the Slug games IMO.

Yes, to me Shock is like Ikari.

Shock is a MUST have game if you own a Neo AES or MVS.

Hmmm why u all like ST more than ST2 ???
I like the grafics more in ST2. ST is surely a Ikary like game but to me i will play ST2 more than ST. The music is still better in ST2 too. Well i think the game MERCS is similar to ST.......
Well I have not played ST1 but I like ST2 a lot. I played it for a while, Actually a little longer then I played Metal slug x but that's mostly becuase I already had metal slug 2.

Is it beter then the metal slug series, it's kind of a differnt game. They are both shooters but ST2 is more of a ninja commando type shooter and Metal slug is a platform shooter. I bought the NGH of ST2 when it first came out and do not regret my purchase, I still play the game every now and then.


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Ive played both and I like ST2 better than ST1. ST1 has more paths and a little more replay, but ST2 just seemed to play more to my liking. Either one is a good buy imo.


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ST1 and ST2 are different - but I think thats best Saurus could do..
... who will buy/play ST2 when its looking like part1 with other levels...

I like St2 better :
The vehicles ( from MS Series ? ) are great
and the best: You can demolish more things... (like the cars standing around )