Shinybow SB-2840 SCART to Component doesn't work on Extron Crosspoint?


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Mar 25, 2017
I'm using a Shinybow SB-2840 RGB SCART to Component converter so I can display my RGB SCART systems on my consumer TV with component inputs.

It works fine when I directly plug in the SCART cable from my RGBNES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS1, and PS2 and run it to my Sony 20FV300 CRT TV.

But when I try to incorporate it into my Extron Crosspoint Ultra 128 HVA matrix switcher, I get a properly-colored image, but the sync is off and the image is jumping all over the place.

I was told the Crosspoint outputs TTL Sync (I honestly don't know how that differers from regular csync), and I called Shinybow and they confirmed their unit can accept TTL sync...

The only other thing I can think of is I'm using a WookieeWin SCART to BNC cable which is normally used on the input side. SCART cables have different pins for input and output so I switched it as such:

Audio Left (input to output)
Move from pin 6, to pin 3

Audio Right (input to output)
Move from pin 2, to pin 1

Composite video input/Sync input (input to output)
Move from pin 20, to pin 19

I thought I might have to move the "Composite video input /Sync input" from Pin 18 to pin 17, but WookieeWin said that's not necessary. I should also note I had to use a 2' male-to-male SCART cable to go from the female WookieeWin cable to the female Shinybow - but I've used that cable before (and tried a 2nd one) so that's hopefully not the problem either.

Last (and I'm grasping at straws here), there are a series of jumper switches on the back of the Crosspoint: 75ohm, and 510 ohm h sync and v sync. I never noticed these before and they were set to 510ohm and I never had a problem on my PVM/BVM's. What should these be set to?

Anything else I can try to get this Shinybow converter to work? It's literally mentioned left and right whenever somebody wants to get their RGB video game consoles onto a regular consumer TV so you would have through people have run this through their Extron Crosspoint before (which is probably one of the most common switchers people with many systems and monitors use).
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