Shawn is a great dealer!


Kula's Candy
Before I go further with this I want everyone to know that our transaction happened several weeks ago. I was very reluctant to actually post this on here in fear that people might take advantage of Shawn. But since I received Shawn's approval I'll post this because I feel it's a good thing.

About a month ago I decided to get back into Neo-Geo gaming and the only reputable person/business to buy a Neo-Geo at the time was Shawn. I knew of very few people at the time and had no idea who to trust but everyone seemed to trust Shawn.

I put in an order for a Neo-Geo and counted the minutes until it's arrival. When it arrived I opened the box only to find several problems with it:

1. The system case was LOOSE. It's almost if someone tried to pull it apart with a screw driver.

2. 1 of the 3 rubber tabs on the bottom was missing. I searched everywhere to try and find it but couldn't.

3. The cartridge door lid was busted off in two places. 1 half was resting INSIDE the unit and I had to carefully get it out. The other half was jammed downwards.

4. The Joystick connector cable was stripped at the ends. You had to be very carefull otherwise the joystick cable would come apart.

With these things I was heart broken. Surely a $300 system shouldn't come in THIS condition even if it is rare. I was angry at the time and was prepared to take photo's to put up on for everyone see. But I calmly emailed Shawn and explained the situation and he agreed to refund the money after I sent the system back to him.

To be honest, I never expected to see my money again. I knew that he was in a way buddy buddy with Dion and Co. so that didn't sit well with me. But low and behold I logged into paypal and there was my money!

Anyway, this could have been a shorter story. Have I learned my lessons? Yeah, next time get the package insured! Next time I might not be so lucky!

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know Shawn is a great person to do business with!