Selling AES JP and US (some titles rare)


Morden's Lackey
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Mar 1, 2005
Hello friends,

It's long time to come here and I would like to sell some collection. All are legits and original, I collect long time and you can trust me.

If you are interested, please send PM to me and feel free to ask question. All prices are in Euro and I could be accept Paypal.

Pictures can be request and I can send by e-mail or Whatapp when you send PM to me.

Almost condition is mint or near mint but I will tell more detail in your titles if you want.

I apologize for my not good in English but I will try to do as good as I can.

Thanks for reading. I want you feel happy to collect AES.

This is my collection here.



PS. This is my last selling forum.


Blazing 5500
Slug 2: 3300
Rage dragon: 2500
Samurai 5 sp unfix: 3500 HOLD
Sengoku 3 US: 2500
Neogeo cup98: 1800

Titles SOLD
Slug X: 3300 SOLD
Slug X US: 4200 SOLD
Slug 5: 1400 SOLD
Breaker 2000 (insert has tear in spine around 2 cm.)SOLD
World hero perfect US: 2800 SOLD
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