Sega Galaxian hardware


Has anyone come across a "Sega Galaxian"; Sega Frogger and Moon Cresta motherboards are the same as Midway Galaxian boards (with Sega logo) and can be converted to Galaxian. But is there such a beast as a Sega Galax from the factory ?


There is debate over at aussiearcade about it, I thought there were namco, midway and bootlegs. Can anyone shed some light.


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I've got one:)
In fact that's my photo you have there:P

I'd love any info on it..
I believe it is not a conversion, there are no modifications to the pcb at all. all the replaced parts you see are my repairs, it was all original when I got it aside from having alot of dead ics.


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Slightly reviving an old thread.. I still have zero information on this pcb, Except all the games you mentioned need modifications to become galaxian and mine has no mods at all.
It works perfectly now by the way, it was still missing ics in that photo