Second, third, or fourth tier/division teams you follow?


Teh Mizzle
May 2, 2003
First division of the top 5 leagues is where all the money and glamour is at and part of the reason why most complain about how it's ruining the sport, so who you got in the lower divisions? I used to love going to Tampa Bay Rowdies games when I was living in St. Pete, there was a great atmosphere, tickets were cheap and the stadium was in the heart of the city. On the flipside, I hated going to Revolution games in Boston because it was lacking all the fun and convivence the Rowdies had.

So with neither of us having a strong allegiance to any team in France's top flight league we decided to start following Red Star FC, since they aren't terribly far from where we live, we figured it would be a good way to meet people with like interest in the new city and be a fairly entertaining way to kill a couple hours each week. Hoping to attend a couple home games a month and try to make a road game once every two months or so as an excuses to see the France that exists outside of Pairs.

With that said/full discloser, I've been an Arsenal fan since 02 and my wife a Real Madrid fan since the OG Ronaldo days, so yes we're terrible people, supporting the terrible teams that are ruining the game, but that isn't what this thread isn't about. It's for fans of teams that have been out of the top flight for the last few years, that your still passionately following or teams that haven't been in the top flight for decades and decades or your whole life.

StevenK SFII tournament winner 2002-2021
Jul 25, 2012
Stockport county. Was a season ticket holder as a lad. Things really went to shit for a good while, fell out of the league, but they're on a bit of an upward trajectory again.