I just got a Neo-Geo and a friend of mine made an RGB/SCART cable for it (I`m in Europe). We tried it on his TV and it worked perfectly - beautiful picture.

We tried it on my TV but the picture I got is clearly bypassing RGB and working in composite. I have other consoles such as Dreamcast and SNES and both work perfectly in RGB (my TV is a multisystem one).

Any ideas why this is happening?

How many scart inputs do you'r TV have?
How many did you'r friends TV hav?
Was his TV newer that your's?

I live in Europa too (Sweden).
Take the system to you'r friends house and try it again.

It's also better if you buy a original SCART cable. It should be available in Radio/Tv stores. Also look for Megadrive SCART cable. It should work on Neo Geo too.