Save MONEY on your Electric Bill


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This is part of an email that I sent to Svenask about power use, that I though some of you may find interesting, and helpfull.

Most people dont really think about how much electrical use Adapters take. I keep most if not all of my computers and anything with an a/c adapter on a strip, and shut it off when not in use... for instance I have atleast 20 on my entertainment center, I have 10 game systems hooked upto it, and the sega/gen/32x/cd takes 3 alone. Having these suckers plugged in takes a constant amount of watts (usually 20 - 100 watts) to keep that 9v current ready to go whenever you start the system up. If you have 20 in your house, at 20 watts each, and your electricity is 6 cents a kiliwatt hour like mine is, thats about 4 cents an hour $.48 for half a day, $.96 for one day, and over $25 a month, JUST TO LEAVE THEM PLUGGED IN.So you can see where you can save money with the methed you adopted for your adapter already

The method that I have used, and that Svenask has now started using for his Neo, is to hook a Surge protecting strip upto any AC adapters (in Svenask's case, a possible faulty Neo Geo adapter, is what prompted this) and only turn it on when being used, at all other time, switch it off. This is a great way to save money on your electric bill.

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