Replay FX Pittsburgh PA Summer 2015

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Jun 1, 2003

Know it's really early to be posting this considering how much the Neo Gatherings section has shrunk but I wanted to see how many of us east cost folks would be thinking about this.

For a few years now the guys at PAPA (Professional Armature Pinball Assassination) have been talking about holding a huge gaming convention in the Pittsburgh area. So not only will they have their insane collection of pinball machines but their also some of their arcade games and their asking folks from the area to bring in more consoles and arcade game. On top of it being a full convention.

I haven't made it out to PAPA in a few years since it's been REALLY expensive to travel in the past few years but for this I think I'm going to start saving up now. Hopefully some of you guys will swing on by! It looks like it's going to be a hell of a time.

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Dec 14, 2004
wow. this looks like it could be insane. its far enough out that i could easily take off work for it too. i have an old friend who i have not seen in many many years who lives in pittsburgh... this could end up being pretty tempting. ill wait and see what all events and vendors sign up in the next few months, but this looks promising!


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Dec 6, 2014
Tickets for the ReplayFX Arcade & Gaming Festival go on sale today at noon. This also includes Pinburgh, which will be the largest pinball tournament in history.

I'm one of the organizers putting this festival together and am happy to answer any questions anyone may have. We've acquired most of what we need so far, and the 700+ arcade & pinball machines, 2000 console games, etc etc are all very much on schedule. We'll be posting game acquisition and refurb pics / notes on our facebook page so people can follow along if they want. At the rate the foundation is purchasing games, if anything, the festival will have more than what is advertised.

For anyone who doesn't know us, our crew has a pinball-centric background, but we're general gamers at heart. If it has buttons and you can mash them, we're interested.

Hope you're all well. Thanks for checking it out.