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Jaguar Ninja
Blue's Journey...a complete Mario rip-off? all i have ever seen are screen shots and they have done little to show me anything gameplay-wise. how are boss fights? are there power-ups? do you "stomp" on enemies like mario? is there anything original about this title at all?


Jaguar Ninja
Rated it a 7 i don't see it as a bad mario clone.

Still i wish the game was a little longer insted of,being so short.


Jaguar Ninja
I owned the home cart a couple different times and found it to be a very average game. I only re purchased because I thought maybe I missed something the first time around. Not a bad game, just an average game IMO.


Wannabe Thug,, born 1991
Sliiightly above average little platformer.
Cheap on any platform, and a good larf for an afternoon.

I still play it on rainy days :emb: