Quake 4 on XBox Live


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Jun 27, 2001
Anyone play this at all?

I just got the game last night and was having an absolute blast in the single player and decided to see how I'd like Multiplayer on a console. From what I saw it worked really well, but I only got to do a 1v1 match vs some guy in Mexico who I promptly went 5-0 with and the game ended. I couldn't find any other matches easily so I'm a bit worried that I'm going to have a hard time finding people to play what looks like Quake 3 on steroids.

I know I'm like a year late (just got the 360), but any chances some people are into thsi?


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Aug 8, 2006
Everyone I know, including myself, tried Q4 on the PC, and then went back to Q3.

Q3 still has a large community, and it keeps getting stronger as more and more people give up on Q4.

I liked the story mode though on Q4...it's a shame they screwed up on the multiplayer. Q3 is a hard act to follow, but they didn't even come close.