Pulstar SNK Neo•Geo MVS Cartridge: Boot Or No Boot?


Geese's Thug
The cartridge in question is Pulstar for the SNK Neo•Geo MVS. The eBay auction can be viewed here. The seller is fairly adamant, yet slightly shaky, of its authenticity. I want a more general consensus before submitting payment. Honestly, the misspelled "Pullstar" label doesn't raise my hopes much. :oh_no:

So, boot or no boot? :conf:






Mr. Big's Thug
Fake English label glued over what was probably the Japanese original label, that's all. The boards and chips are real so no need to worry.


Just buy my shit. Seriously. You can call me Susan
It's legit. That seems fairly common for Pulstar; I had a copy that was clearly a Japanese one (due to the warning label on the side) that had a similar (but correctly spelled) English mock-up label.

The boards and chips are legit. I saw that one, too, if it closed a couple days ago. Go for it!