Predictions on what the SS5S "lessened fatalities" will be like


Pari-Dakar Rally Driver
Jul 15, 2003
Anyone have any predictions on what Playmore is going to do for these "lessened fatalities" on Sam Sho 5 Special AES? I guess there are several possibilities. I'm sure they could leave a few of them unchanged from the MVS version since some of them were pretty tame to begin with. Others could be modified so the body stays intact and is not sliced up. For example Yoshitora's kill on the MVS version does not split the opponent into pieces when he completes it (even though you would think with all those repeated slashes they should have been sliced up) so playmore could leave the body intact on all the "sliced up" kills and just have it fall to the ground. Another possibility is brand new fatalities to replace old ones that they deemed to intense. (this one is doubtful though). I predict that they will go the route of leaving some kills alone and the rest will be modified to leave the body intact rather than show severed heads or split bodies. I also predict that these lessened fatalities will be the fatalities that the eventual PS2 and X-Box port will get rather than the original MVS kills. Anyone else want to make a prediction?


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Mar 14, 2003
Your predictions sound reasonable to me. I'd say the ones involving decapitation will be the first to go. Maybe the one with the raining blood will get axed too. I figure the ones that aren't that bad will be left alone totally - I'm sure they'll choose the path of least resistance.

And I think you're probably right about the eventual xbox/ps2 ports as well ... but I'm not quite as sure about that one. They're dumb enough to censor other SNK ports while GTA3 roams freely, so I don't see why they'd stop now. :rolleyes: