Panasonic Q w box and region switch


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Feb 9, 2015
Selling an in box Panasonic Q. The consoles disc drive has been re done with new side rails and a new drive belt. The gamecube motherboard also has a region switch added to be able to swap between being able to play North American and Japanese Games. No physical outer modification has been done for the switch, it is neatly tucked into the console but easily accessible.

It comes in box with the console, cords and Panasonic Gamecube controller. Console is in great shape, minor outer wear. Controller is very clean as well

Asking 1125 usd + shipping from Canada, will ship worldwide 372255818_6947341665284673_8438328494176285449_n (1).jpg370765359_6304922472950428_9104477414983277353_n (1).jpg
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