PAL Boxed Purple N64+games, PAL Saturn: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Riven+others


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Mar 7, 2004
SS (All PAL and EX/NM unless noted)

Panzer Dragoon Saga (complete with card outer case, outer case slightly worn, but cases and discs NM) £75
Riven (complete with card outer case in NM condition) £30
Rockman8 (JAP, Saturn Collection, complete w/spine) £14
Galaxy Fight (JAP, complete w/spine, spine slightly sunfaded) £7
X-Men vs Streetfighter Ram Box (JAP) £15
KOF 95 Box (JAP, box slightly worn) £10
Samurai Showdown RPG JAP, NM w/spine) £12
Fist (JAP,NM w/spine) £12
Lost Vikings 2 £8

N64 (All PAL and VG/EX unless noted)

Boxed Purple N64 (one of the less common ltd N64, boxed, complete) £30
Pokemon Snap £5
Zelda Majoras Mask £15
DK 64 (JAP) £10
F-Zero X (JAP) £10
Diddy Kong Racing (NTSC) £6
Yoshis Story (tear on box front) £8
Perfect Dark (NTSC) £4

Pics are available on request, please PM or email Paypal preferred but will accept cheques. Postage extra. Discount if buying a bunch of stuff, and I'm open to trades.

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