Other than Oblivion, what other 360 titles are worth getting out there?


Robert Garcia's Butler
Oct 28, 2003
Finally decided to buy into Oblivion hype, so I got a 360 console this evening. Haven't really followed the console and it's games. Any other titles that are worth mentioning?

Is it worth getting the VGA adaptor for the system if I already have the system hooked up on component also?


Pari-Dakar Rally Driver
Apr 16, 2005
Call of Duty 2, thats about the only good game they got for that system.

Until Halo 3 comes out.


Olly C,
May 24, 2004
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Coming from a non-fan of the series here.. (and RPG/Fighting Fan)
PGR3 - Again, not really a driving fan but its definately worth picking up..
RR6 - Everyone said the PSP one was great, this ones better with added online plat too..

There the only ones I've kept, I've play Condemend and others and they were good but short/no reply value due to no Live online play.



Fu'un-Ken Master
Oct 25, 2003
Other than Oblivion...

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
Call of Duty 2
Project Gotham Racing 3
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Fight Night: Round 3
Far Cry Instincts Predator
Tomb Raider: Legend (hits early April)


Azu Bla, ,
Aug 24, 2002
PGR3 (best driving game ever)
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
Call of Duty 2
Ridge Racer 6
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Amped 3 (graphics are so-so, but the story is hilarious!)


NEST Puppet
Mar 1, 2003
Condemned-Play this game in the dark with surround sound and it's a totally awesome experience.

Call of Duty 2-I know this is a tired genre but this game is still great fun.

Ghost Recon-Great graphics, challenging gameplay.

The Outfit-I may be stretching this one, but I just like the squad based stuff and the online is a great change of pace from the typical FPS stuff.
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A simple man who simply loves gaming.
Jan 18, 2002

Top 5
Oblivion (best single player/best RPG)
GRAW (solid single player/best multiplayer)
PGR 3 (best racer)
Condemned (best launch title)
Call of Duty 2 (best FPS)
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not sonic

King of Typists,
Dec 12, 2003
dont buy condemned, its a rental. 0 replay value (and imo wasnt that good to begin with)

nothing on 360 is worth buying except kameo.


Dec 25, 2001
Fight Night Round 3 is tops;

I've rented it twice for about a week each time, and am still thinking about buying it.

Not that reviews are always (ever?) right, but it got the first 10 EVER in OXM (rated higher than Halo 1 or 2, GRAW etc etc).

Why is it so good? Simple to pick up and play. Think of it as the opposite of something like teaching someone to play a game with 6000 different button combo's/functions like splinter cell.

Still, it has quite a bit of depth in terms of getting a feel for when and how to punch.

A new player can feel he's having fun playing the game, a pro can exploit any weakness he sees.

It gets high marks for having your friends come over and play.

Secondly, the xbox live support is flawless. I played 6-8 matches and experience no lag. Every fighting game I've purchased for Live has been "teh suck" in terms of lag.

Basically, you get to experience lag free 15-20 minute bouts of street fighter, which is awesome.

I've just now remembered why I didn't buy it. I have eczema prone hands, and my thumbs were literally scaling and peeling after playing this game for an hour or two.

Too much fun, but too hard on the body. Got to love when a fighting game can make you bleed :).


Cock Killer with Ice D,
Aug 14, 2002
Call of Duty

Condemned is a really good action/horror title, but I'll admit once it was over, I was craving more. It gave me quite a few scares as well. :crying:


Jan 19, 2002
The games I play the most would be
Ridge Racer
Call of Duty 2 (only now that I've beat this one I havent really played it much)
And a hand full of the Live Arcade games.

The Drizzle

Whip's Subordinate
Jul 29, 2004
not sonic said:
dont buy condemned, its a rental. 0 replay value (and imo wasnt that good to begin with)

nothing on 360 is worth buying except kameo.

You don't even have a 360. :rolleyes:

Don't listen to anyone who recommends Need for Speed Most Wanted, The Outfit, Ridge Racer 6, or Full Auto.

You'll probably be too busy with Oblivion to play any other games. I know I am.

Kirk Foiden

James Tiberius,
Aug 14, 2002
Well, I would listen to someone who recommends Ridge Racer 6. I was thinking it was no more than just the PSP version. Until I played the demo. For some reason, that little extra it does beyond the PSP version just makes it seem like quite possibly the best Ridge Racer game. That's definitely on my list of "must gets".

Namco did good by putting up the free demo on Marketplace.

I've been hearing from other Top Spin fans saying that Top Spin 2 is a definite improvement over the first one, and I'm all over that.

Also, in recent news the 360 Live update brought some new games and improvements on the backward compatibility list. Of course, the significant thing for me is Winning Eleven *freaking* 9. I was waiting for that to happen. Glad it didn't take long. :) (Yeah yeah, and Ninja Gaiden Black supposedly runs well now, too.)

Live Arcade is definitely the easy icing on the cake. Something makes me not want to say it's a main reason; however, they picked an addictive set of games to put on there; and some do qualify as quality titles right with new good releases. The return of quality shooters, and insurance that puzzlers will always have their place, too. Achievement points, more or less, has brought back something players are going for that they haven't for years. Players who play for scores, or best of anything in a game outside of just seeing some ending. Anything that goes the extra mile to promote mastery of a game, and playing it for that extra amount, is good practice in my book.

Especially in Xbox Live Arcade, I leave my rankings on Friends-list rankings, so I can always keep tabs on what I need to do to get first. Hopeing Magician might consider some Astro Pop, as it'll take a while before I can trump his Bejewled 2 score. Plus, something competitive in the Magical Drop/Money Exchanger game style might be good. :) Joust is kicking my butt, though. Strange, as all the other versions seemed to be easier to beat, in my book. But the default level of Joust for the Live Arcade is a step above the defaults in most arcade conversions I've played up to this point.

Right now. Oblivion is sucking away many people's time away from other things.


New Challenger
May 24, 2003
Call of Duty 2 has received a lot of praise. I played it for a few minutes and thought it was cool, but there wasn't anything there to get me hooked. Perhaps if I give it another chance...


I take no official position on the issue.,
Oct 10, 2002
CoD2: Excellent campaign if you've never played it. Great online now that the patch is out... runs much smoother. This is one of the reasons to own the system at this juncture.

PGR3: If you like racers, this is it. Online is where it's at.

Geometry Wars: Best bang for your buck. Oh so addictive!

Fight Night: Two player bliss. I can't hang with people online though.

GRAW is cool, I just don't like the pacing and online play much. It's a love/hate thing depending on your taste. Looks beautiful though. RR6 is for fans of the series only, otherwise it's rather meh.

I don't even own a 360 yet. I just play on the weekends on my friends' systems. And extensively. Thought has crossed my mind to actualy get one solely for Oblivion of all reasons. I don't even play RPGs any more, WTF.


Ukyo's Doctor
Jul 26, 2003
Wow..i Cant believe no one has said burnout revenge.....

Its amazing. I missed it on other plats, so I am absolutly loving it. That and RR6 are the only driving games I need.

Graw, Kameo, Condemned, CoD2, DoA4, FFXI, I have had a blast with all of these...havent played oblivion yet..