NGK King Of Fighters 2000


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check this:

Dion&Chris have it!wow
Of course,it is just screenshots,and OF COURSE,the box you see is EMPTY...they just worked hard for finishing their ngf artwork on 28th september

they don't sell it...if they wanted to sell it now,and IF kof 2000 MVS is convertible,it'll cost you $1500 for this cart

they'll be able to sell it only when REAL kof 2000 japanese cart comes out,on 8th november if all goes well


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Originally posted by Billkwando:
Adol, where did you get the date Novenmber 8th?

From a source,a "wholesaler"

strangely too,i saw too this date told on these forums by someone else,AND i know some french shops who wait it for the 13th november ( which seems logic we get it 5 days later,it seems to be a honourable time delay )

then i think it is 8th november

i can't swear it anyway


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I posted the November 8th date in an earlier post, I got that date off my supplier. I'm guessing that the 8th is the Japanaese release date so the time delay could be put down shipping time.


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My supplier also mentions that it will release maybe on November but he has to check. And, he will confirm to me when there is confirmation and I will send payment to him.

There is uncertainty on KOF 2000 home cart release.