NGF F**ked us


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I've had it up to fucking here(pointing to the top of my head)!!! This is the straw that broke the goddamn camel's back!! I've been into the Neo for nearly 6 years now and through it all I've always loved the system unconditionally. Now I'm at a loss for words!! Since when do a few fucking missing links(NGF"Staff")dictate what happens to the Neo Geo home system. The ugly truth is, that they WILL sell those carts with their bullshit "corrected" inserts and when people get board with them and want to sell them, they will be all over ebay and everywhere else. How will you ever know what you are going to get if you buy a cart off of eBay now? I can't take it anymore!!

There is no way that I can continue to enjoy my Neo knowing that distribution of its software is being handled by these backside boy cro-magnon assholes!! God, I hope nobody buys thier goddamn carts and they have to use them as doorstops!! I can't type anymore, I'm too pissed. This is the end of the innocence.



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Certain retailers are saying they are not sore losers? Why make the post abouy losing the stock to NGF.

And notice how they are now comparing our "consumor sale" prices to their "wholesale price." They are not comparing our "sale" prices to their "sale" prices - which were much higher than their "wholesale prices."

Anyway, the tide is turning towards NGF.



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Well i for 1 had metal slug 2 preordered for $180 not an insane $389. That is F'ing INSANE! I would never pay that much for that game. also how about the markup for spinmasters?


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Well, there it is. "NGF" are two crooked, fucked-up worthless shitheads who've never done anything but pollute the Neo community with their fake inserts, poorly converted and overpriced carts, and outright theivery when it comes to sending product.

Everyone here, please adhere to one rule to help deal with these thieves. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, NOT ONE CART OR CD, FROM THEM, EVER.

That will leave their website and eBay as the only outlet for these carts. Let them sell there, as it would take a VERY LONG time to begin to move this many carts.

All I can say is, at least we all have KOF 2000 home cart to look forward to, and also the really exciting prospect of !Arcade!'s mvs to home converter coming soon. Other than that, its back to business as usual. My collection is pretty complete, although I could have used a few of the carts being offered by NCS and VGD. However, I feel sorry for all the people who had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pick up a bunch of carts at reasonable prices. That won't happen now, and the amazing offensive idiocy of these two guys, Dion and Chris, continues to poison the Neo community.

Hey Dion and Chris, keep gloating. I have a feeling that these carts you bought are going to linger for quite a while, and you might want to start thinking about how to get your money back out of them, before the bank comes calling . . .

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Holy shit!
You read the "Neo Geo Sadness"???

IM kinda high right now but can someone confirm that they (videogamedepot) are talking about NGF?!

Holy shit lmao!

""They didn't even have the decency to create their own html table, they stole NCS' table and hacked it. Nice work, gents.""

Man i read that whole shit and i feel drunk.

NGF is Dead.



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Wow man, I have to hand it to you Todd. Never has a topic subject EVER described a situation as perfectly as yours did.

It's plain and simple, NGF is a company in it for the money. This fact is fine. That's why you are in business, money. However, the constant referals as to how you are in it for the fans and everything else is really the part that goes deep down and slaps us all in the face. Markups are supposed to happen, but the prices you guys are asking are more than what would be required and they know it.

You know it is truly very sad not just for us, but for these two fines companies NCS and VGD who were going to quite frankly, hook us up. I mean come on. Look at the price list man.

Well the only thing I can truly tell all you guys on this board, is that the closest thing to "Neo Geo" for this side of the planet is us. We, this board, are Neo Geo. We are the people who keep this 10 year old piece of plastic alive and treasure the great games it brought. The collectors and gamers on eBay are Neo Geo, all the guys out there with their Neo's are what keeps this going. NGF is also a part of this whole thing, although they would have us believe they are the saving grace to end all pain and misery in the world too.

Ryan, I feel the same way about your quote too. Makes the whole AES thing feel like it just went down the toilet. MVS anyone?


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Good point there outsider. That last sentence:

"MVS anyone?"

Now would be a GREAT time for !Arcade! to launch the new MVS to home converter. I mean, would you get Dion's fake Metal Slug 1 cart for $1099, or an MVS copy for $50? Dion's Strikers 1945 Plus fake home cart for $1099, or a nice MVS copy with artwork for $140? The list goes on and on, once the converter hits, the rare carts that people can't find anywhere can be easily found (for the most part) on MVS, cheap.

As for the cart restock, Dion and Chris can shove them up where the sun don't shine. Might be uncomfortable, but they ain't moving them through here, or NCS, or VGD.


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Relax guys, they think their riding high and on top of the world right now but when reality sets in their going to be in for a rude awakening. That is we say what they are going to sell NOT them! remember boycott them every way possible and get to everyone you know to put a stop to this madness. What goes around comes around and they will definetly get theirs! hupplark_39

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The tide is turning for NGF? LOL, man you guy's are to sad
It does indeed sicken me to read of something like this, but at least VGD is addressing the issue of NGF in their response. I just hope NCS is still able to come through.