New Neo Geo MVS Hardware Specs?!?


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OK, credit for this discovery (if it is real) goes to Carty53, who posted the link for a discussion on where a supposed "SNK employee" spills the beans on the new MVS hardware specs:

And here is the one message from the supposed employee (screen name shinjinaitoh) about the new MVS cart specs:
ok i have the specifications on the new 2.5gb cart design. i might add they are PROPOSED specifications!!!. ok lets start
1. The cart is approx 10mm wider above the interface point.
2. 128bit yamaha sound chipset. using 16mb cache.
3. NEC !exclusive! neogeo graphics chipset, approx core spd at 173mhz!!! that has a mem load of 32mb DDram. This chipset is fully capable of 3 dimensional movement but we at snk will be sticking to 2 dimensions for future productions. Thats not to say that other companys will not produce the first 3D neogeo title.
4. internal save slots 8mb approx
5. A stunning 2,5gb!!!!! allowing games to be more detailed, contain speech insted of text in all languages.
6. A bypass instruction set for all old neogeo internal hardware. (this makes the use of the revised graphics and sound chipsets possible)
7. cpu running at an amazing 253mhz!!!!!!! making it potentialy faster than both the ps2 and dreamcast.
8. Each cart will have an output for s-video located on the reverse of the unit. ( saves buying what can be an expensive convertor.) the cart will also have L and R audio outputs.
Other than that information there is no more i am either permitted to say or that i know of. stay tuned for further information. You may ask why we dont just create a whole new console, well our answer to that is So many people in japan have the older hardware that we cant just expect them to dispose of it . besides that the carts all in all are cheaper to purchase than a new console. we feel that sales will be increased to a higher degree with the intruduction of a new cart design rather than a new console AND new carts. >>>>>>>>>>>>> ok let me know what you think would be an improvement on the design and maybe next time i am in a meeting with the management i will suggest your suggestions. you could be a part of the next gen neogeo!!!!!!!!!!!! bye for now your friend shinji
For what it's worth, don't know if its true or not but it does sound very interesting!!!


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It does not sound too bad.... And some of the other talk is not too far fetched....

Hopefully, it is treu.... But I must ask about an SVideo connection, why?!?! Sounds interesting!

I might be dense, but is this a pass thru cart, or will each cart has this stuff?


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Seems kind of a strange choice of message board to make such a post, but what other system has so many rumours surrounding it as the Neo?

If history has taught us a lesson about SNK, despite their current non-existence, though the message pertains more to the Neo·Geo scene on the whole, it is this: Be patient and all answers for anything concerning the "mass-market" will come.


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About 5-6 months ago there were a few jokers posting BS to emulation message boards regarding a totally bogus, upcoming SNK arcade hardware platform. This story chipmeister linked to most likely represents a similar situation; lamers conjuring up vaporware in their spare time, in an attempt to watch everyone become hyped for something that'll never exist.

For those who think I'm just being a big, pessemistic bastard, read the ENTIRE thread in question. This "SNK Employee" is going off on a rant claiming that he'll distribute "ROM dumps" of upcoming SNK games because he's a so-called "naughty" employee... If this "shinjinaito" character is telling the truth, I don't expect him to stay employed for very much longer. Also, why wouldn't he have posted a similar message on THIS message board at The message board is one of the biggest shitholes around, IMO. Oh well, time will either validate or invalidate this guy's claims...

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yeah, he even says later :

"I think if you were to contact a company called MEDIO in japan you would be able to get hold of games like KOF99 and Metal slug X on NGCD."

Metal Slug X on NGCD ? Outstanding !!

More seriously, could you imagine the price of carts if they include high-end technology inside EVERY cart ??!!??

It's a hard to believe story... I personally already found hard to believe that games will continue to come out on the cart system...

I guess all we can do is just wait and see :/


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Well, after having a little chat with him I think hes full of it. I dont think hes an SNK employee. I think he's pulling everyones leg. But thats just me, what do I know.


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It's not cost affective to build this technology into EACH AND EVERY game cart.

He's basically listed a whole new main board design as it is, so why go through the expense of making it use the old MVS hardware? What is it going to use from the old board? Not a damn thing! Not video, not sound, not memory, nothing... Well, except maybe power, but really, think about it.

It would be far cheaper to use a new main board design and save the manufacturing costs on subsequent games.

That posting was total BS. If Aruze (SNK, whoever) does something like that, then they deserve to go under for being stupid!



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I agree that the statements by shinji sound utterly far-fetched. And true Jeff, it doesn't make sense to build a new motherboard essentailly into EVERY game cartridge released. That would be far too expensive.

The problem I have is that much of what this "shinji" guy says sounds reasonable (except the ROM dump bullshit, that doesn't make any sense at all). He seems like he knows a lot about it . . . but as DolphinLord said, this kind of crap has been pulled before by lamers on the web, and this could well be just another case of it.
D'accord. I am not good at all the specs, but know enough that this sounds too good to be true. I mean I hope the info is true. I just don't think it's that realistic (costwise and such)...


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I am a realist and I want to believe him, but the sceptic inside me tells me not to get my hopes up. He seems like a nice enough guy. I agree that some of those mods will be more expensive in the long run than making a new system, but what if they tack say an extra $2-250 per MVS, not home cart for the additions. It may be worth it to them to do so as they may get a huge discount on parts since they order enough to manufacture a MVS cart release. Currently MVS games release at $900 or so if I recall. Most arcade ops pay more than the $1500 for a normal game, and that is just the hardware to run the game, not a new cab. If they can keep cost of new MVS releases around $1100 I think they will continue successfully in the arcade market. Besides, SNK/Azure knows how many MVS systems are out there. Even if they are only using the power supply and joystick ports of the old MVS it still plugs into it and that is something a few arcade ops will like. They don't have to buy a new MB, just games. It may be seen as just another price hike. Although, S-video from a MVS?? How would that work to hook it into a moniter without a NTSC to RGB converter?
However, I don't see how home carts would continue if they did this. The newest home carts are selling out at $250 US, but if you added the same price hike to them a lot more would sit in a store room. On a positive note all of us with Super Novas wouldn't have to worry about continued support for our home systems if S-vid and stereo jacks were mounted on the MVS carts. We'd just have to wait forever until the game became affordable.
I wrote this with the idea in mind that this is not a hoax, which I am not convinced of yet. I just wanted to pose the question. Jeff, do you think this is reasonable? I am not in your line of work and don't really know what cost on the items listed would be, but even if the new games started at the price of a typical arcade game I think they would still see a huge release in Japan and Hong Kong especially if the games got a serious graphics overhaul.


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I would accept a passthru cpnnector giving additional 'stuff' to the MVS, but each cart having the extra stuff sounds a little unreasonable to me....



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I agree that some sort of systems upgrade would be a very likly and much more cost effective route, but with the rumors flying about this week, it seems like they are just going to go with a new system. The Neo Geo 32x, would probably be doomed