New BVM-20F1U owner, have some questions on how to configure properly


Bashful Neophyte
Hey guys,

I got a BVM-20F1U recently and I am absolutely loving it. I really want to start trying to set it up a bit more but I had some questions.

I bought this monitor from a dude who had already set it up. The colors and everything looked great, I believe he told me that he had already calibrated everything such as colors, brightness, etc and it certainly appears that way to me, looks fantastic imo.

1) When I was messing with the menu I did something that botched up the colors, they looked like crap. (I think I tried to do copy -> ch1 to ch1 and it did nothing (?), then the colors changed to what I assume was the default values)... When checking the color temp adj menu I saw the 'CH SET' option, which when selected look much better like it did before- would this be the original setting the previous owner had set?

2) Is there a way I can see how he set the color temp? Positioning? Brightness? etc? Is there values anywhere I can take note of? Right now if I go through the menu I can see what I believe he had set is on 'CH SET' (if the above answer is yes) under color temp, and I guess all the other configs maybe fall under 'control preset adj' which also has a 'CH SET' ... How can I see what he configured?

3) How can I copy one channel config to another? For example I'd like to copy everything like the color temp and picture position and such from channel 1 to channel 2. I see there is a 'Copy' in the main menu but I am scared shitless that I will overwrite the colors and positioning he had already setup for ch 1.

^ The main reason I want to do the above is because I have two cards in my BVM. One for RGB and the other one that can accept component. For my PS2 I'd like to setup another channel for the component input (which I believe I have figured out decently on Setup -> Input Configuration where I can change the slot # for what card I am using and the Format to component)

3) Can I set up multiple channels for RGB with different positioning? Some consoles are way off, such as my genesis which has a big black bar on the left side.

You can see these questions are really all about figuring out how I can preserve the colors, brightness, etc that the original dude set for me while trying to also set up other channels for other inputs and consoles. I've read through the manual but before I try to use the copy menu (again hah) I just wanted to ask before I potentially messed everything up.

Thanks for any help