Neogeo Metal Slug JP AES


drunk downunder!, aka. Muff Diver.,
Looks legit to me although some pics of the soldering would be a give away if done by hand, maybe anyway.

Have you used a loupe to inspect the manual, insert and sticker to see if they're offset printed?

Also how much did you pay?


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Thanks for your comment.

I have not done that but what difference would I see between offset and not offset?

I have not bought it yet, but got an offer.


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The boards and chips are correct and authentic. From the solder side of the board shown it also looks legitimate.

For the printing on the insert, manual, and cart label it should look like the image is made up of tiny dots when magnified. Ask and see if the seller is willing to take high resolution scans of the front of the insert, manual, and cartridge. When zoomed in you should be able to confirm the printing method.


King of Typists,
Insert look legit to me. Too bad they did not include a pic of the spine, which is obviously critical to check the overall sunfade condition of the insert.

All the best to you!


drunk downunder!, aka. Muff Diver.,
How many copies do you think exist?

There would have to be 100s and I'd even suggest at least a 1000 copies of the game world wide. Now subtract ones lost to damage, forgotten new old stock, hoarders of multiples, general collectors and the total left floating around is likely to be far less. But there is no doubt in my mind that there are plenty in existence.
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