Neo-Geo Cpu power?


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Hey group I am a newbie to this forum so please go easy on me. I was a huge fan of the Neo-Geo home cart system. Was this system a 24 bit system? I've always been amazed of the machines potential. As a current Dreamcast owner do I need to purchase a Neo-Geo home system to enjoy SNK games at their best or does the Dreamcast do a fair job in porting these games? Thanks to all who reply.


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The Neo Geo home cart system is a 16-bit game system (as is the arcade MVS system, same hardware). It uses a Motorola 68000 main processor (16-bit CPU), and a Zilog Z80A support processor for sound (8-bit processor). It was called 24-bit because they (the marketing people at SNK) just added the two processors together to get "24-bit", which it clearly was not.

The Neo Geo does have an incredible graphics processor, which is what made the system so incredible over all these years. That, combined with the large memory capacity (ROMs) in the cartridges.

As for your last question, only a few games have been ported over to the DC. Those that were aren't bad, especially KOF 99 Evo. But so few were ported that the vast majority of games just aren't available on DC.

Last Blade 2: Final Edition is coming in December to the DC (import version releases 12/21). It should be good, but its hard to say this early how good it will be. Hopefully this will also come out in the U.S.

To really enjoy Neo games, you need a real Neo system. But if you're just getting into it, the best option is an MVS arcade motherboard (for around $150-$200), a MAS Systems Super NOVA or GW Trading HGA system ($300 for either one), and then whatever arcade (MVS) cartridges you want. MVS carts are WAY cheaper than home ones, most run in the area of $10 to $75 each, with a few being more than that.