Neo AES genre stripes


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I see people are getting made on inserts that they say other people have copied from them. But, these people are copying what NGF has started back over 4 years ago.

Their work is nice, but still, they should give credit to where they got the idea from.

The only difference is that we (NGF) have and wanted to CORRECT the errors of SNK -USA.
Which we have already done.

We always say...
"If you're going to do something, Do it right."

This goes for other inserts as well.
Just follow the genre code that was originally lined out for Neo AES carts.

fighting - red
shooting - blue
sports - green
action - orange
puzzle - yellow
racing - grey

This will keep this Neo scene in accords with one another.



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Dion wrote:

*** We always say... "If you're going to do something, Do it right." ***

The only problem is, you also apply the following mentality:

"If someone complains about us, we'll just forget about the money they sent for their 'products' . . . that should teach them to screw with 'NGF'. We'll just screw them back. Then maybe they'll respect us."

Unfortunately, you're shooting yourselves in the foot . . . each person that gets ripped off spreads your bad rep, and just like Chris Mullins, you're going to be left all alone in the end. And of course everyone knows about your attitude . . . it doesn't help either.

Here's a good representation of all of 'NGF's' satisfied customers:

Funny, they don't look too happy to me . . .