Need specific rating for a some supergun components (Fuse, RGB adjust)


Zero's Secretary
Jul 14, 2005
Repost from SGRepository; seems to be dead and I wanted to get an answer before I leave in a few days.

I am hoping to get to work on either a supergun or consolizing one of my MVS boards eventually. Since I am in walking distance of Akihabara on holiday, I figured I aught to just walk down and get some of the components I need instead of waiting until I get home and have to order them from mouser or someplace. I have a good grasp on how superguns work, but wanted to get some specifics on parts I know I need:

1. Fuse(s). I did pick up a mountable fuse holder already. What I need to know is:
a. Is one enough?
b. What sort of amperage/wattage should the fuse be rated for? (I am expecting to use it for CPS-2 systems and MVS systems. 6 slot if Im lucky, but 2 or 4 slot most likely.
c. Quick blow or slow?
2. RGB Adjustment knobs. One each on R, G, and B lines to adjust the color before it hits the RGB->NTSC chip
a. Are these variable resistors, or variable capacitors?
b. What sort of ohm/ferad/amperage/wattage/voltage ratings should I be using?

Edit: Im going to be getting a 4 slot soon. Does anyone know what size spacers I should use to help secure the two pcb's together properly? I want to add as many as I can to prevent wear on the boards from the flexing putting cartridges in will cause. If the 4 slot is only a single pcb, please forgive the dumb question.

Thanks for any help.