Need help - Super snk mvs converter 2 works on one AES but not another


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Dec 12, 2015
Could use some help here. I recently traded a fellow AES owner my super snk mvs converter 2 for some games.

The converter always worked fine for me. Really, never gave any issues. (just the non play of slug X)

He just got the converter today and its not working for him. He said the blue light is on but It gives some garbled graphics then goes to a blue screen.

I asked what power supply he's running and its a pro pow ul 5v 3a and the AES is a us model serial 029866

He already tried to adjust the small knob with no sucess (Is there any special instruction to adjusting it? I never had to so I do not know.)

Any thoughts? I truly do not understand why it worked fine for me but not for him.


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Apr 3, 2011
Any kind of solid colored screen appears when there's no P ROM data for the 68000 CPU to read. The color of the screen refers to the AES's Power On Self Test. Blue means all tests passed successfully.

Tell him to clean the converter and his AES cart slot. A quick n dirty fix is to wet the cartridge boards in alcohol and use that to scrub the slot, then dry the boards to remove the dirt. I know, it as good as deoxit, but it works in a pinch.