Lazy SNK Employee I picked up a sweet pawn shop deal.
NEC LCD4000 40" professional monitor.
Super clean, with remote.
Manual says it will accept 15.75 freq.
I hooked up a naomi (in standard res), and a Time crisis 2, via vga cable....and while the picture displays, and you can fully see the screen...its a touch blurry, and the tv says "sync out of specifications, adjust sync freq"

Would a cleaner resolve this issue? I was under the impression that naomi standard res was 15.75khz?

Anybody have any kinda idea about how to solve it.
I'd like to have the monitor for computer/console...AND supergun...if at all possible.
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I'm looking at the manual and it says the frequency starts at 31khz..that's probably why.


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Yeah, but has parenthesis on the side with 15.75 there....I figured that should work for standard res.....I guess I could always call NEC...they still support it.


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Just wondering if you'd had any luck with this. One of these showed up in my area on craig's list and I was thinking about getting it but outside of the manual there's pretty limited information about the monitor online. Other than accepting every kind of input under the sun I wasn't sure how it actually compared to modern LCDs and whether it was worth it


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my NEC LCD4000 tried to accept RGB over the VGA or BNC ports. Things would look funny, and display the same message. It is not designed to accept standard res over the RGB inputs. I would switch your Naomi to VGA resolution (~30KHz).

The LCD4000 rocks, by the way.


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Sorry Kashan...didn't see the post. Still can't find anything to get standard res working properly, but have not had too much time to play with that.
I picked mine up for 40$ if you can get one for 60 or under, I say jump on it. Picture is beautiful, and all the inputs make it a breeze, even if I haven't gotten RGB functional yet....hell...I can always go RGB to component with a JROK setup, and just do it that way if I must.

I picked up a framemeister over at ArcadeProjects...and was working on getting it functional both with my xbox360 for scanlines, and the ps2.

I did have good success with that though, and the upscaling it to 720p and scanline functions have been great, even in tate.
I don't regret the purchase, and while I will always be CRT till I die, this is a nice compromise that does a ton of things right.
The one thing I need now is a wall mounting bracket that supports tate rotation....and doesnt cost 500$


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I may see if I can bargain with the guy, It's listed at $100 right now. I've been thinking about picking up a native 720p tv to pair with a future OSSC or other upscaler purchase anyways since it seems like all the upscalers and line triplers will continue to work best on a 720p native tv, and those are eventually going to get harder to find. Thanks for the responses guys


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No worries. I will tell you that knowing what I do about the LCD4000 now...Id probably drop a bill if it's clean, with no burn in, and has remote. It truly is an excellent tv, and looks fantastic with a good upscaler/SLG.
It has options a plenty, and is heavy, but not outrageously so. I wish you the best of luck on it!